Friday, October 19, 2012

eyes wide open: every day is new {day 19}

While I sit here at the computer, my little yellow canary, Gideon, flits about his cage. He stops to preen, then looks out the window at some birds in the bushes, all the while making those tiny jerky bird movements with his head. After that, he hops down to the clear plastic feeder and eats a few seeds. It is so amazing to me how little he eats. I guess that's where the saying, "he eats like a bird" comes from. He then hops over to the bell that is hanging under his swing, and makes clicking noises with his beak at his own reflection dangling there. 

Every morning, when I uncover his cage from the night darkness, he is already awake and has beckoned me to his cage with a few chirps. Sometimes even singing before I can get him uncovered. He is never in a bad mood. At least he doesn't show it if he is. I like that. In that way, I want to be like him. 

It baffles me that he seems as happy as can be in his cage. I feel bad sometimes that he lives in such a small space. But, my daughter reminded me one time, mom, remember, he has such a little brain that to him his cage is  just enough. He is not like us. You know what? She is very wise. 

What does talking about my canary's daily living habits have to do with eyes wide open: seeing with new eyes? Gideon reminds me each morning when I uncover him, that it is a new day. A day to make a fresh start. A day to rejoice in, to live carefree, and to enjoy the space in which I live. 

And, when evening comes and it's time to go to bed, just fluff up my pillow and with no worries, go to sleep.


  1. It would be nice to have such a simple and uncomplicated life sometimes!

    1. I agree, Anna! I think of that often when I watch him. :)


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