Friday, October 12, 2012

eyes wide open: heating pads, adult diapers and chai {day 12}

Remember, I said I hurt my back? 

This morning I move slowly between chiropractor and Walgreen's. I need to buy a heating pad. Have you ever been to Walgreen's in the heating pad aisle? In the same aisle there are snap-on plastic toilet seats, adult diapers and latex gloves. In this same aisle is Icy Hot, ace bandages and vomit/pee bags ew, didn't know those existed. Honestly, I got a little grossed out and depressed in this aisle.

Does God have a sense of humor or what? Showing me that this aisle at Walgreen's exists in the year before I turn 50? Not funny, God!

So, there are several heating pads to choose from. There is the basic 12 x 15 one for $17.99 with the ugly baby blue cover. Then, the 12 x 15 one with maroon velour cover. Then $41.99. You know what? I usually go cheap, but not today, I say!! I'm getting the the $41.99 one that self-inflates to fit the lumbar section of my back. It inflates to fit me personally. I deserve that, I say. 

After the heating pad aisle at Walgreen's I tell myself I deserve a venti non-fat chai tea latte for my trauma, so I drive over to the Starbucks inside my grocery store. 

I am conscious of how I am pushing back feelings of impatience to wait for a couple of elderly people and about five other people to cross the cross walk in front of my van at the store. I'm thinking about the irony of the aisle I've just been in. (No irreverence intended for the elderly, just irony.) I tell myself to just chill and be patient for everyone to pass in front of me on this gorgeous day.

I park and amble my way in for my drink. I thank God that even though I'm moving slow, it's sunny and I can walk and the lady making my chai is smiling. And, it's Friday.

Happy Friday, friends!

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