Saturday, October 6, 2012

eyes wide open: sing yourself happy {day 6}

Joyce Meyer talks about how we can increase our own joy by how we talk to ourselvesI have been a believer in the power of life giving words for several years. Putting it into practice for myself has been another thing entirely. 

Choosing positive thoughts and words is a constant battle, especially if I am in pain. Emotionally or physically. 

I've had a history of getting tension and migraine headaches. In fact, just in the past couple of days, I had the computer chair set wrong and had to make another trip to the chiropractor for my neck. Right now, I have to be so careful.

Last night I took my mom to a Phillips, Craig and Dean concert. All afternoon, I had a tension headache, and I was fighting anxious thoughts as well, thinking that I would not feel good to take mom to the concert and really enjoy it. For me, having the pain is one thing, but then my fearful thoughts can easily compound the problem and make it worse. 

On the way to the concert I wore an ice pack around my neck. I had put Icy Hot on. And I prayed. 

I said, "God, you are going to have to help me with my thoughts. I know the joy of the Lord is my strength. I choose joy. I really need your help, though. And, I ask you to take this pain away, Lord. I know you are my Healer." Then, all of a sudden a song from my childhood popped into my head that I hadn't thought of in years. It went like this.

I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy
down in my heart, 
down in my heart,
down in my heart.

I've got the joy, joy, joy joy
down in my heart
down in my heart to stay!

Now, I don't believe it just popped into my head. I believe the Holy Spirit put it there. So, you know what I did? On the way to the concert, I sang out loud in my van. Yes, out loud. And, by the time I got there, the pain had lessened and I was actually joyful, and not fearful anymore. 

Joyce is right. Joy is a fruit of the Spirit in us if we know Christ. But, we have to choose to let God release that joy to make it real. Our positive, joy filled, truthful words can help us do that. They helped me do that!

I am learning to see my thoughts and words in a new light. That they have power!  If I have to eat them, I want them to be sweet.

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