Monday, October 22, 2012

eyes wide open: when you miss the kiss {day 22}

With eyes of wonder, I clutched my dolly, Snuggles, as we waited in the airport. This would be my first airplane ride ever. We were going across the ocean to visit Grandma and Grandpa Aberg (pronounced Oberg). There is no way my four year old mind could wrap around how far it actually was to Sweden. But, I felt safe by my mommy and daddy's side. Snuggles in one arm, my other hand tightly clasping Daddy's. 

the flower girls (I am on the left)
My Uncle Birger (Bir-yer) was marrying a cute young lady named Karin. I was going to be a flower girl with my cousin, Ing-Marie. We had matching pink dresses, matching necklaces, matching white gloves and matching headbands with real flowers in them. I felt like a princess.

The beautifully ornate little church was filling with freshly pressed dresses and starched shirts. My mommy told me to be sure and pay attention during the ceremony because the bride and groom were going to kiss! As a four year old, I guess this was something as big as seeing Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disneyland. From my recollection, this event in the ceremony was the one thing to be sure to see. 

the famous "kiss"
Walking carefully down the aisle beside Ing-Marie, with basket of rose petals in my left hand, I took my place beside my uncle and I waited with four-year-old wonder. And watched. I waited and watched some more. The preacher spoke everything in Swedish. gibberish to my four-year-old self. All I could think about was when are they going to kiss? 

Then, I missed it.

 I don't know if I was zoomed in on the preacher's fru-fru robe, or if I turned to look at mommy and daddy in the congregation. But, at that precise moment when I looked away, it happened. I was so disappointed that I missed the kiss.


Somewhere along the way to growing up, I've had to learn to pay attention to wonder. It doesn't just happen the way it did when I was four. How does it happen that wonder slips out the back door when we're little, but then later beckons to be found?

 I now prize those four-year-old eyes that were so eager to see that one solitary wedding kiss. Eyes that were full of wonder. Something deep inside me whispers, even though you missed the kiss that day, don't miss the wonder.  

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