Tuesday, October 2, 2012

eyes wide open: caught with my eyes shut {day 2}

Last night, I was caught with my eyes shut.

He was planted right there next to the New Books section where I always go first. He was slouched over a book at a white table, books piled around him. Gray hair matted and dirty, beard stubble, and the buttons on his smudged suit coat looked close to popping out being stretched across his belly.

I could hardly stand there between he and the bookshelf. It smelled so bad. All I could think of was I've got to get out of here quick. I can't stand this very long.....why do these people always sit right here by the new books? It's true. Almost every week a different person in that same condition is sitting there. A person.

It wasn't until I was walking to my car that I had a nudge in my spirit. I'm sure it was the Spirit. The thought went something like this: You don't really know anything about that man. What do you think led him down this path? He probably has or had a family. Where are they now?

These thoughts were in sharp contrast to the ones inside the library. I hadn't even wanted to look at him and I hadn't. Not really. 

Oh boy, am I quick to judge. 

old eyes 

new eyes

And yes, there needs to be so much more than just curiosity.


Oh, God, I need Your help to have new eyes. 

Your eyes. 

Your heart.

Your compassion.

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