Saturday, October 13, 2012

eyes wide open: the space between {day 13}

pregame rehearsal
Today I woke up with my back hurting. Still. This is getting old, right? And, it's storming. The forecast for the day is rain and more rain.

I'm faced with a familiar dilemma. I absolutely LOVE watching my son perform in the Iowa State marching band. It is absolutely the highlight of my fall. Plus, he is a senior, so only two more possible times to go watch him at a football game. 

But it means walking about three miles by the time we walk from our parked car to watch the band, and then back to the car. Then more walking because we are band groupies and follow them around between tailgaters.

It means carrying an umbrella for about two hours. It means standing on concrete for about two hours. Not so smart in my current condition. 

 I'm stuck in the place between what is good and what is best. 

Door #1. Go and watch my son perform, and risk further back strain. 

Door #2. Stay home, and miss the band's awesome pregame performance. But rest my back and heal. 

Our son on game day
I finally say to myself, You're going to have to choose between good and best. What is best right now? Today. Knowing the condition of your back and the weather.

That space between good and best is a space I've often found myself in.

Do I call this person or not?
Do I bring up this topic with my husband?
Do I join this group?
Do I eat this cookie?
Do I go watch my son march?

In my heart of hearts I want to do what's best.  Always. For God. For my family. For others. For me. But often I feel stuck in the space between good and best. Because sometimes good looks best. And best looks worse.

A friend said recently of the human condition: We are a piece of work! I couldn't agree more.
I am a piece of work, caught often between good and best. Needing to choose. And it can be very hard.

What do you do when you are wedged in that space between 'good' and 'best'? 

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