Friday, October 5, 2012

eyes wide open: falling leaves as teachers {day 5}

Two years ago right now, the trees were just like they are now. Full of colorful leaves that were just beginning to make their seasonal descent to the ground. I left in my van on an errand. The wind picked up and literally picked up a whole bunch of leaves. You know, like when you were a little kid in the fall. Outside. And you scooped up an armload of leaves just to see how many you could hold in your tiny arms. Then, you threw them up in the air to see the wind make them dance.

That was me that day in my van.  I felt like I was floating on air. Suspended with the leaves that the wind had just thrown from her hands. It made me think of God carrying me, in the fickleness of my emotions, just like the wind carrying the colorful, falling leaves. 

yesterday as I drove my van to my appointment
leaves danced around me.
yellow, gold, orange.
Your fall beauty.

I felt as though my van and I were floating...
being carried by the dancing leaves as they 
rose up around me like wisps of smoke from a chimney.
in these dancing, twirling leaves I saw You.

sometimes my emotions are like those leaves.



darting at the whim of the winds that blow in my life.

 through those same winds, though,
You carry me.

like a beautiful fall leaf

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