Monday, October 1, 2012

eyes wide open: 31 days to see with new eyes

I came across an awesome quote last night in a little book called The Mindful Writer. 

The real voyage of discovery consists
not in seeing new landscapes
but in having new eyes.
~Marcel Proust

That is what I long for. Not just being stimulated by new and better, things, but in having totally new eyes to see what is right in front of me.

I am challenging myself to blog every day in this month of October. Actually, I am excited to join a community of bloggers invited by The Nester. She has done this for two years in a row and invited other writers to join in on a topic that they'd like to share on. I have never done anything remotely like this. (I have just spent over an hour fretting over the fact that I don't know how to make a really cute "linky" (a term I just learned in the last month), to link these posts up to The Nester. But, plain jane linky or not, I'm going to take the plunge!

I'm choosing the theme eyes wide open: 31 days to see with new eyes. 

God has got me on a quest lately to really start seeing the small things. The God moments. The ways He intersects my life in big and small ways on a daily, no, moment by moment basis. I've also been forced, lately, to slow down. Three weeks ago I strained my back doing yoga!, of all things! For two of those weeks I pretty much laid low, meaning sitting on an ice pack. It gives a girl lots of time to think, journal and pray. And to ponder my world, relationships and God. 

I don't have a folder on my computer with the next thirty posts neatly and conveniently planned in advance. I am looking forward to seeing how God's Spirit will lead me. I hope to share with you things that I have seen with new eyes. I'm keeping them wide open! I hope you'll join me!

day 2 caught with my eyes shut

day 3 eyes wide open to abundance

day4 one way to clear soul clutter

day 5 falling leaves as teachers

day 6 sing yourself happy

day 7 Dad and the old folks

day 8 breathing lessons

day 9 every day grace

day 10 how I became my own best friend

day 11 taking the scenic road

day 12 heating pads, adult diapers and chai

day 13 the space between

day 14 beauty and purpose

day 15 open hands or closed fists

day 16 to see beauty

day 17 to discovery

day 18 when God puts you in school

day 19 every day is new

day 20 to hope

day 21 all things new

day 22 when you miss the kiss

day 23 President Truman and me

day 24 the present moment

day 25 when a tree whispers

day 26 nice cars and Jesus

days 27-29 baptism, batman and elvis

day 30 a diamond in the snow

day 31 to a renewed spirit


  1. Can't wait to see where you take this! And I would be more than happy to design a linky thing for you if you'll shoot me an email at stuffaudreydesigns at gmail dot com!


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